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10 Nov


My article of faith is that public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. I have read the thrilling tales of Nairobi, the city that once had its place in the sun. Today we dwell in a city shrouded in rot, corruption, flames of insecurity are burning every side you turn, and the metropolis incessantly lays low in an unctuous manner. The politics of the day are not helping either. The atmosphere in Nairobi is heavy with intrigues, from public policy to police.

It shocks, just as much as it hurts, the Ministry of Public Transport and the Nairobi Metropolitant are proposing the abolition of the famous Michuki Safety Rules to pave way for the resumption of public transport madness where folks wear no safety belts, and passengers stand in the buses. Good God! From civilization to barbarism in a split second! I have publicly condemned the minister for Transport Mr. Chirau Ali Mwakwere as being the epitome of inefficiency, reckless policy maker and mindless public servant. Of all absurdities spewed from his mouth and from his docket, the current proclamations are intellectually indolent the most. Thus far, we have no warrant to suppose, as a nation, that anything good can come from Mr. Chirau Mwakwere’s leadership. Now he has been joined by one Njeru Githae. I had hopped that Mr. Githae was quite reasonable. Now he fares just as well as Mr. Mwakwere. True! His leadership is a handicap. He has never proposed or made any single sound policy that would save lives or procure safety on our roads. Since he joined the cabinet the first time, he has never stood on the agora of fine standing. Mr. Mwakwere has perpetually struggled to abolish the Michuki rules without success, and now Mr. Githae favours a return to anarchy. His ministry is overly charitable with absurdities I see. Why on earth would somebody with a sound mind in a sound body propose that buses ferry standing passengers? To decongest Nairobi we just need an ameliorated infrastructure, period! This is what must be done for Nairobi to bask in the sun.