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10 Nov

Hon. William S. Ruto
Parliament Buildings
C/O Continental House
November 10, 2010

Dear Hon. William Ruto.
It is my pleasant countenance to indulge you in this manner, given your recent political flamboyance. You are a good man sir, especially that you were created by God, just like me. Am told you have just returned from The Hague. Welcome back sir, though I know you were mobbed by supporters at the airport on your arrival. Am sure you had broadening experiences of travel and made useful contacts with learned and fashionable global surroundings. Sir I am told you are fighting for your life, having learnt that the ICC may soon smoke you out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, it shall soon be worse. A charge having got into circulation in the country from you makes me take interest to respond. I am exceedingly anxious that this nation, under the new the Constitutional dispensation, and the liberties of the people shall be perpetuated in accordance with the original idea for which that struggle to have it as desired is ultimately achieved.
Sir, I do not seek to solicit your mercy, acceptance or understanding, but to state some facts to you. I was startled to watch you launch a scathing attack on the KNCHR report, and on Hassan Omar Hassan. You have an uncanny determination to sink with everyone. That is why you have begun shooting in the dark. It is not known to anyone that Hassan Omar wrote the KNCHR report. It is not known to anyone that Hassan Omar’s past while a student at Moi University in any way contributed to the KNCHR report. Why the ignominious attack? Commission is of the firm view that there is incontrovertible evidence that some political leaders, like you, engaged in unlawful acts of incitement and funding that led to torture, evictions and murder of innocents during the post-election violence in the course of “fighting for our rights”. Is it possible that those who died never had rights? Is it conceivable that those who even now remain psychologically tortured and evicted are children of a lesser god? No one would want to go into your past, or the things you do in private. Why do you find wisdom, if any, in invoking Hassan Omar’s suspension while a student? How dreadful! Am sure if your informers were truthful, they will tell you that Omar was suspended while fighting for the rights of students, the very rights that your leadership has denied many who still reside in IDP camps even in your constituency. The edifice of your allegations is not lucid, you are only trying to divert attention from real issues; remember, justice does not kill respect. You forget that when two people fight in the water they both get wet. I have never spoken with intentional disrespect of any leader, neither shall I. My main quest is the peaceful extinction of impunity, which has robbed this nation of integrity since its founding.
I have long desired a peaceful country, not one constantly at war. In retrospect, when I look at the post-election hecatomb, I realize that war does not determine who is right; it only determines who is left. So you selective attacks are malevolent, and their intent extremely nefarious. The report “On the Brink of Precipice” is a human rights report which seeks to establish a prima facie case that politicians and some civilians violated local and international laws during the post-election violence. We have a choice in this country sir. We have the choice to preserve the law, by protecting the weak or break it, by protecting the strong. Where do you stand on this tragic divide? Will you consciously stand in the deepest depth of inhumanity? The case of post-election violence makes an eloquent argument for you and others adversely mentioned to wait and testify. You were a humble man, in days pre-dating your celebrity status. What has come over you? You see, God created pain, conflict and death. You have watched others face them; maybe it’s your turn. So please endure, not for your sake, but for ours. Damnation is surprisingly an easy thing to sell, don’t you agree? I just wonder whether you can easily speak on an issue without the base alloy of vengeance.
You claim witnesses were paid and coached. I disagree. Even if that were the case, the burden of proof is on you sir. As justice and impunity stand trial in the courts of time, we hope that in the end, justice shall be meted to all those who have suffered my fellow citizens unbearable agony. Else, it shall be a pity that you disposed of your time in the most idle and frivolous manner by pressing false charges against Commissioner Hassan Omar, and the KNCHR report. For the sake of future times I suggest you eschew imprudent accusations against those of good will who seek to make you a better man and help you stick to saintly pursuits of service. You see, it’s not nice to distinguish yourself as a hate-breeder, that odious and detested class of politicians with tribal faith.
There is more involved in this contest than is realized by everyone. I know you want to clear your name. Sir, did the KNCHR push the Waki Commission to include you in its recommendations? You are fighting many battles. Am told you have a corruption case in court involving the KLPC land. Is it true or some commission has paid someone again? Am told too that you have yet another court case in the High court of Eldoret involving Municipal land. Is it true? I just wonder why fate is so much on your case. Is it possible that all these cases speak to us something about who you really are? This struggle is too large for us to be diverted from it by any small matter that has no basis in law or in fact. So leave the KNCHR alone. It just made a report after research. Why have you been silent since it was made public? The questions I have asked you are many, I hope circumstances grant you the latitude to respond, my good sir. I know you want to survive in the new dispensation the same way you did under the antiquated one. It is unlikely. You see, you worked hard to see that the current constitution does not see the light of day, and failed. The Almighty works in ways beyond the understanding of mankind. Now you are being haunted by justice, enabled by the new systems. I can imagine the discomfort.
Finally, I appropriate to myself very little of the demonstrations of respect with which I have of the esteem of men who may read calmly this letter. Some may differ in opinion, I agree, and I hope that those like yourself who may, respond with fair-minded calmness of thought. As you seek clarity and desire to start your campaigns, I wish you God speed.
I have already written longer than I intended, and must seek leave to stop here, till such time that it shall be agreeable for me to write, with the necessity of any issue I may deem pressing.
Sincerely Your Fellow Citizen