The Struggle between Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal Effects

9 Mar

By: Javas Bigambo
The social and medical sciences from the 19th through the 20th century hitherto have belabored the way out of quitting substance abuse, effects from which have left many in penurious psychological, emotional and physical states. Critics of cigarette smoking have described it as the most appealing suicide covenant for mankind. For many who are addicts, the urge for a cigarette puff is deeply-wired into the neurons. But tobacco has never been presumed a Trojan horse until when the withdrawal effects are witnessed of experienced. There is a latent thirst for more cigarette thanks to the alluring nicotine effect that keeps the addicts asking for more oblivious of the tragic heath status they are plunging themselves into.
Side Effects of Smoking
The elixir of cigarette smoking is a daunting task to shake off for those who smoke, especially after prolonged union with it, and the only exit avenue is sequestered in the sanctum of individual human will and commitment. Like every addictive substance, nicotine withdrawal effects become expressively manifest especially after one elects to quit abruptly. Such persons are known to trudge the unenviable states of quick temper, insomnia, mind fogs, reduced concentration, gain of weight, lousiness, jittery nerves and untold anxiety, as the effects of nicotine withdrawal.
The Allure of Smoking
There is no gainsaying of the fact that quitting cigarette smoking remains a hard task. For it antagonizes men and women, the latter encapsulated in double tragedy, especially when are expectant, as they seek restoration. But there is not known any single congenial universal script to quitting smoking. Just as the effects of cigarette smoking vary from a person to the other, so is the recovery process save for the general effects. To get to this end it takes more than waging a highly visible anti smoking campaign in the media and streets. It takes more than slapping a ban on public smoking and restricting corners at which the smoking adherents can quench their elusive thirst of nicotine obscurity. It takes a dynamic conscious approach that must remain multi faceted since the challenge of each cigarette smoker varies just as much as their numbers, each depending on their respective milieu.
Giving up the Puff
To avert adverse withdrawal effects, to some it is preferable to introduce electronic cigarettes spates of abstinence in hours to days depending on progress of the individual. Yet this still is still an encouragement to smoke. It needs psychological preparedness and, if needs be, the help and encouragement of a friend or colleague. It takes a sterner resolve beyond just throwing away the lighters and the last vestiges of cigarettes and ash trays in the house or office corner.
Happy Ending
In the end, the success of quitting cigarette smoking inspires, deeply motivates, and galvanizes those still in the recovery process. Such quitting should actually not be a gloomy affair, but a feisty engagement with the inner self, ever with renewed determination each single day. To quit smoking, after all, requires more of the heart than throwing away the cigarette.

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